Quality Tea Selections Category

Tea Lovers tea wholesale range, comes available in bulk sizes of 1kg, 500g, 250g. These products come packed in large airtight foil bags with ingredient labels. Most retail customers purchase packaging products to repackage and self-brand their own tea product.

Bulk Tea Discounts – 5% OFF for 6kgs or over / 15% OFF for 12kgs or over / 20% OFF for 25kgs or over.

Tea Lovers also offers its own ‘Tea Lovers’ branded Retail-Tea-Range in sizes of 50g, 100g – These retail sizes come already packaged with professional labelling and expiry dates, ready for retail sale.

Retail Size Discounts – 12 units = 15% OFF / 24 units = 20% OFF / 48 units = 25% OFF / 72 units = 30% OFF. (*note: minimum order of 6 bags per tea blend).

*For more information on our 50 & 100g Retail Tea Range please CLICK HERE